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Paperless governance

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Clinical Guardian is a cloud hosted web application that enables users to log in securely from anywhere. For the Governance team, the work flows are straightforward, making case selection, auditing and feedback effortless. For clinicians, notification of audit feedback are received via email, prompting them to log in to read and respond to comments.


Cases identified as needing further review are queued within the system to the governance team. Governance audits are conducted collectively by the governance team, typically consisting of 3 auditors or more. Clinical Guardian presents on screen, the information to inform a collective review, including the auditor’s comments and reason for referral to the governance team. The team assign an outcome for the review and may also change the colour status of the clinician to reflect the degree of oversight and support required.

The system delivers an efficient audit process at its core, whilst creating a vital collaboration tool for the clinical team.