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Our Methodology

Clinical Guardian is both a methodology used in the routine audit of clinical consultations and the software to facilitate the process. In the 2-stage peer review process, the Stage 1- Individual Audit refers cases for deeper scrutiny to the Stage 2 - Group Review.

The key principle of Clinical Guardian is spotting issues early, so an appropriate response can be implemented before harm is caused.

Stage 1

Panning for Gold

Individual Audit

The first stage involves an experienced Clinician reviewing a large number of cases rapidly to identify those which might need further evaluation. This process is undertaken by an individual clinical auditor and should take no longer than 30-90 seconds per case. The objective at this stage is to identify the small numbers of cases which might give rise to concern. Whilst most clinicians perform consistently to a very high clinical standard most of the time, rare problems encountered maybe either 'behavioural' , 'clinical' or 'service' related.

  • Trained clinical auditors working alone
  • Audit from anywhere
  • Quickly review a large number of case records
  • Pass or Refer for another opinion
  • Provide comments to the Governance Team

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Stage 2

Processing the Gold

Group Review

The weekly Group Review can immediately engage in the important cases that need their attention. A governance meeting requires a minimum of 3 auditors to be quorate. This is to avoid any negative feedback being sent from an individual. There is a group login screen which requires the usernames and passwords of two additional auditors before the session can begin, but the team do not need to be physically co-located.

  • Early attention to concerns
  • Build a rapport with Clinicians
  • Give positive feedback
  • Spot organisational issues
  • Efficient remote working
  • Adjust risk profiles

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The Process